Inheritances and Mini-loans Online | What You Should Know

Online mini-loans can make the difference between receiving an inheritance or having to give it up. In a decade, the number of Spaniards who have to renounce an inheritance by 250% has increased. According to the National Council of Notaries in Spain, 408 402 inheritances were processed in 2017, of which 42,987 were rejected. This is 10.5% of the total.

The truth is that it is a rate that has not stopped growing since 2007, year in which it stood at 3.1%. In 2012 and 2013, as a result of the previous years, already of recession, it reached 20% growth.

Main causes to reject a debt

Main causes to reject a debt

There are two main reasons that can make you give up: inheritance burdens and taxes.

The burdens of inheritance

In many cases, this waiver is due to the burdens and debts associated with the inheritance. In this sense, notaries point to the real estate bubble as the main cause.

There is the fact that with the real estate boom many people decided to acquire their home or make certain real estate investments. In a case like this, the problem occurs when the heirs are presented with a wealth that is associated with strong mortgages. And in many cases, the value of the current property is even lower than the amount of the credit, which causes the heirs to desist.

Before proceeding to this resignation of this style, it is advisable to make sure that the corresponding life insurance certificate has been requested.

Although it is not mandatory, most financial institutions condition the granting of the mortgage to take out a life insurance for the amount of it and to keep it in force to guarantee the settlement of the mortgage in case of death. In addition, to make sure that this is true, they press for it to be contracted with them in order to verify that you pay it regularly and it remains in force.

Years ago, a central death insurance registry was established, to which all companies have to communicate their contracts. This was done to the effect, precisely, that no one could stay without collecting life insurance due to ignorance of the family members and heirs or beneficiaries.

The taxes

The other cause of resignation can be found in the need to have to pay the taxes of the inheritance. It is a condition prior to receiving it.

These taxes, which are mainly that of Donations and Successions and what is known as municipal capital gain, have a liquidation period of six months after fifteen days of death.

You can request a deferment of another six months or the Treasury can authorize a partial self-assessment and give you certain facilities, but it will be mandatory that you present proof of payment to dispose of the goods.

Faced with this situation, many people decide to renounce the inheritance without even considering the possibilities that exist. For example, accept inheritance for the benefit of inventory. This means perceiving only that which may exceed the payment of the burdens and debts. And then, look for a solution to settle the taxes.

How online mini-loans can help you cope with these situations

How online mini-credits can help you cope with these situations

In cases of small inheritances, an online mini-credit can help you settle taxes and receive your inheritance. This way you will have the capacity to settle the credit on time.

But the amount of the inheritance can exceed the maximum limits of our online mini-loans in many cases and that does not mean they are a great help.

Sometimes, in order to apply for a loan with the guarantee of inheritance, you need a small loan to erase certain situations, such as appearing in Financial Credit Institutions, to release your credit capacity.

There are many companies, mainly private capital, that specialize in granting these loans with mortgage on their own assets to solve the taxes of an inheritance. But you should be present without appearing in any delinquency file.

At other times, these online mini-loans can complement what you have to make a partial self-assessment or even the whole. Through this self-assessment of taxes you can release life insurance and bank accounts and possibly get the necessary liquidity to pay all taxes, cancel the charges that may have the goods and proceed to its full reception.

In other cases, you may need to pay the fees of a good agency or specialized consultants who provide the best solution to receive your inheritance. That liquidity that gives you a mini online credit can be enough to start the perception of something much higher.

How can you get a mini online credit in 24 hours?

How can you get a mini online credit in 24 hours?

In the simplest way. Having a current account, being of legal age and presenting your official identification document in force, you will be able to request it with a minimum processing through our website.

In it you will find a simple simulator that will make you see the amount you want to request. Normally, between 100 and 1,000 euros. You will also see the term in which you wish to return it, which is a maximum of six weeks, enough time to put things in order and access the money from the accounts of the one you have inherited. Finally, you will see what is going to cost you and the total amount to be returned. You can proceed to the request directly and in a few hours you will know if you have granted it.

We are not going to ask you what it is for and it will not be necessary for you to have a payroll. Proving a regular income will suffice for you to have the money in your account as soon as the operation is confirmed.

Nor do we worry about figures in Financial Credit Institutions. In fact, many people use our credits to cancel this situation. You can even be unemployed, we will study your case with a high probability that you will get what you need.

Sometimes, the solutions are closer than we think and with small things we can move other much bigger ones. Therefore, before rejecting your inheritance, consider other possibilities well; Online mini-loans can help you solve many situations that seem insurmountable.